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Lone Oak Point Resort Condominiums... 70 Years of History

Lone Oak Point - Lake of the Ozarks - The Early YearsLone Oak Point is a landmark, family-oriented resort and condominium located on a beautiful wooded, 8-acre peninsula with a spectacular panoramic view of the Lake of the Ozarks.  Situated at the 11 mile mark of the Lake at the end of Route TT near Sunrise Beach, Lone Oak is secluded enough to make its guests feel "away from it all", yet is close enough to restaurants, golf, shopping, and other activities to be "ideally located".

The first owners of the property in the early 1930's were a Dutch-German family named Borel.  They originally found the land while boating on the newly formed Lake of the Ozarks. To locate the property by land they had to travel Highway 5 (which was gravel at the time) to what is now State Route F and walk through the woods.  A survey of the resort dated in May of 1933 shows that originally there were seven cottages, one private residence and a garage on the property.  The Borels owned the property until 1942 when they sold it to the Klee family.

Old Cabins at Lone Oak Point ResortAt the beginning of their 14-year ownership of the resort the Klees not only had cabins for rent, but also raised pigs, chickens, and goats.  The cottages were just one small room with draw curtains separating the beds.  Each unit came with a wooden fishing boat (constructed locally in Sunrise Beach).  Heating and cooking were done with wood, and all guests shared a communal shower and outhouse.  During their tenure, the Klees added 12 more units, built a recreation building with adjoining shuffleboard court and horseshoe pit, installed a playground (parts of which are still in use today), built seawalls and a boat dock, added indoor plumbing and upgraded to electricity and gas.  For a while they even operated a small restaurant on the property.

In 1956 the Klees sold Lone Oak Point to the Sherman family from Kansas City.  At that time cottages rented for $7/day, big boats were 18' wooden runabouts, the shoreline was virtually undeveloped, and you could ski down the middle of the channel without ever seeing another boat.  At least 20 other small resorts (most of which are no longer in existence) were also located on (then) Lake Road 20.

Old Cabins Lone Oak Point ResortDuring the two decades from the mid 50's to the mid 70's, the Shermans remodeled every unit and added seven more.  Carpet, TV's and air conditioners became standard.  In addition, they built an outdoor swimming pool, one of the first in the entire Lake area.  Due largely to the Shermans' efforts, the lake road coming into the resort was continually upgraded and eventually adopted by the state and converted to blacktop.

In 1974, Jim, who had grown up with his parents and grandparents at the resort, returned to the Lake after earning a degree in Architecture from the University of Nebraska (Yes, he is a Big Red fan!!) and living out in the state of California for several years.  In 1980, after coming to the realization that nothing really compared to the "lake life", Jim purchased the resort from his parents. And for the next 21/2 decades he and his wife, Stephanie, owned and operated the resort. 

All of the old cottages have been replaced with larger, modern units, which were designed to eventually be sold individually as condos.

In 2004, after a "lifetime" in the resort business, Jim finally made the decision to begin the selling process. In converting the resort to privately owned condominiums, great care has been taken to insure that Lone Oak Point will continue to be a unique property for decades to come. NO ADDITIONAL CONDOS will ever be built....thus protecting the property from overdevelopment and overcrowding. And, much attention has been given to maintaining the quality of the environment and the beauty of the natural setting. Most of the current condominium owners were previous resort guests.

Old Bar at Lone Oak Point ResortIn the Fall of 2005, Oak Leaves, Inc., a Missouri corporation, took over the rental management business of Lone Oak Point Resort. Theresa (Terri) and Gary Humphrey are the officers of Oak Leaves, Inc., and have been the hosts at Lone Oak Point Resort since 2005. (Terri was a previous employee of the Shermans for 15 years, and became the manager of the resort business during the last years of the Shermans' ownership.) Most of the present condominiums owners have out their units in the on-site rental program. Attention to detail and cleanliness still remains on the grounds and inside the rental units, as it did during the Shermans' ownership. Some of the present owners have added a few more "bells and wistles" to their units over the past few years, i.e. washer/dryers, extra tvs/dvd players, etc. The Humphreys have also purchased units at Lone Oak, and continue to take pride in the property along with the condominium association.

The current owners at Lone Oak Point Condominiums know that this is a special place at the Lake of the Ozarks, as most condominium complexes at the Lake today have few trees and green space with taller buildings of 3 to 5 stories.Lone Oak Point offers a more intimate setting with smaller, personalized buildings to fit in amoung the trees and landscaping. The Lone Oak Point Condo Association, continues to take pride in the property and knows that their guests come to the Lake to relax, spend time with their family, enjoy nature and maybe catch some fish, have fun on the water, shop or get in a round of golf.

Lone Oak Point Resort Condominiums
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